Generate book-compatible code with Version 2

July 28, 2006

The book was written before the 2.0 update, so there will be minor differences–especially in the LLBLGen application screens. If you use the self-servicing templates, the code changes should be minor. The adapter template changes were fairly large, however. (See two screenshots below for the selections that will best generate the kind of code used in the book.)


5 Responses to “Generate book-compatible code with Version 2”

  1. Ellory Says:

    Hi –
    I’m evaluating LLBLGEN 2.0 and am trying to follow the instructions from your book – which so far is a great tutorial. However, when I get to page 29 and selecting the Entities to add for the type list, I encounter 2 issues:
    1) Selecting the Customer entity gray out more of the other entities listed in Table 2.18.
    2) I am unable to expand the entity to select the Table.Field Name.
    What am I doing wrong? I’ve tried it a few times thinking I might have missed something. Is the documentation outdated?Any suggestions is very much appreciated.

    Thank you and best wishes…

  2. Archer Says:

    Hi Joseph,

    I’m following the tutorials from your book which is great so far. I was wondering, are there any plans to publish an updated version of the book with the required code changes that will work with code generated from LLBLGEN 2.0?

    Most of the code works great but occasionally I have to make changes the code so that it will compile. For example, line 22 on page 93 returns null where, as expected, should return the validator class and I’m not sure what should I change.

    Thanks and all the best,

  3. Ecko Says:

    thanks for your sharing

  4. You’re always talking about things I never would do: Go to church. Swim. Be around little children. We live in different worlds, you and I. Come on

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