Book Errata

May 12, 2006

Page 31: 3rd Paragraph, 2nd sentence should read "You do not need to tell them the all the details." (Thanks to Larry Clement)
Page 45: Caption should read "Table 4.7. Properties to change on 4 5 new child forms." (Thanks to Terry Fisher) 
Page 64: First sentence in 4th paragraph of body text should read "Running the application and displaying the form will give you the exact same result as Figure 5.22 5.19." (Thanks to Andreas Teizel)
Page 78: Item 16 in Table 7.7 should be "DataGrid DataGridView, dgvDetail dgvDetails". (Thanks to Andreas Teizel)
Page 111: Before Line 33 in Example 10.16, add these lines of code. This will prevent errors if you click Cancel and then search again. (Thanks to Minh Tri Troung)

searchWorker =
new BackgroundWorker();
searchWorker.WorkerSupportsCancellation =


2 Responses to “Book Errata”

  1. Bruno Valle Says:

    Page 30: I could not select CustomerAddress without first selecting “Customer,” therefore should it not read “In the order that they are listed, add the following tables: Individual, Contact, Customer, CustomerAddress, Address Type, Address, StateProvince, CountryRegion.”

  2. Steven Nicholas Says:

    Using LBLGen Ver 2.0.
    Page 54, Example 511, Line 4 should read:
    if (Employee.ManagerId != null)
    or at least not just != 0.
    Example 5.12, Line 15 should read:
    if (Employee.ManagerId != null)
    or at least not just != 0.
    If you don’t test for null you get StackOverflowException from the LLBLGen code, EmployeeEntity.cs.
    Hope this helps someone.

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